This week is our Fall Wellness Week, and focus is on Surrendered Sexuality, finding wholeness in a broken world.

Back by popular demand is Lina AbuJamra, founder of Living with Power Ministries and a popular Bible teacher, podcaster, and recent DEEPER LIFE Series speaker.

Lina is the host of a radio show and the author of several books, including Fractured Faith and Through the Desert: A Study on God’s Faithfulness. Her latest book, Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Reading This, a Christian doctor’s thoughts on sex, shame, and other troublesome issues, was just released.

Lina is a pediatric ER doctor who practices telemedicine and in her “spare” time, she provides medical care and humanitarian help to Syrian refugees and others in disaster areas.

Would you please welcome back to Bethel, Lina AbuJamra.

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