This morning, we kick off our STORIES OF GRACE series, highlighting God’s faithfulness and loving-kindness in the lives of Bethel University faculty and staff. The series always proves to be a student favorite, and over the next few Chapels we will hear from Jessi Flores, Thiago Pinto and Dr. Stephen Martin.

Today we are blessed to hear from the fabulous Jessi Flores. Jessi is a Resident Director in Bridge Hall. She hails from the Lone Star State of Texas, and her journey for knowledge and experience eventually led her to Indiana to pursue her higher education.

Alongside her academic endeavors, Jessi has a calling to empower and uplift the younger generations driven by a belief in the power of mentorship. Jessi aims to be the person she wished she had encountered during her formative years by being a resident director and also serving in youth ministry at St Mark Missionary Church.

Beyond her commitment to ministry and serving others, Jessi finds joy in exploring the diverse tapestry of our world and has a zest for life. 

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