Each year one student from the Homiletics class is selected by his or her peers to preach in chapel. The goal is to choose someone with a capacity to study and rightly interpret a passage of Scripture and then deliver a biblical message in a compelling way. It is a recognition that, even while they are preparing for ministry beyond their university studies, our Christian ministries students are effectively in ministry to those of us on campus now.

Today we are blessed to hear from Skyler French. Skyler is a Senior Christian Min major. During his years at Bethel, he has served as an FYE Block mentor, a member of the Summer LEAD team, executive treasurer of the Student Council, and a member of the Campus Activities team. Last summer he participated in a SOAR Internship at Nappanee MC.

Like Waldo, Skyler can be spotted all over campus – playing Spikeball, sipping coffee with Religion & Philosophy professors, and hanging out with friends.

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