We’re kicking off our Fall WELLNESS WEEK focused on…Embodied Connections and a balanced view of technology.

We are thrilled to have special guest speaker Dr. Doreen Dodgen-Magee with us this morning. Doreen has spent much of her career interacting with scholarly research, tech trends, and pop culture around the topic of technology and how the digital domain is shaping us.

Far from being technology phobic or averse, she works to bring a balanced view of the new realities working to inspire people to become moderate and well informed in their tech engagement.

Doreen maintains a blog filled with topics ranging from technology to empathy to how to live a fiery, complex, and embodied life. She is the author of the nautilus award winning book Deviced! balancing life and technology in a digital world.

She loves going barefoot, exploring big cities, black coffee, dancing, documentaries, art, silence, and people. Especially people.

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