We’re continuing in our annual GO Series, a week focused on God’s work and mission in our world, whether it’s across the street or around the globe.

This morning we have the privilege to hear from Kristy Mikel. Kristy graduated from Bethel in 2005 and is currently serving as a missionary in Thailand. Originally from Nappanee, Indiana, Kristy has served with Outpour Family Foundation in Thailand since 2016. Outpour serves the people on the Thai/Myanmar border through educational trainings, social enterprises, community outreach, and restoring children and families.

Prior to moving to Thailand, Kristy spent over 16 years in ministry and has served in seventeen different nations through short-term and long-term missions. As she partnered with the discipleship efforts of the local church, discipled women in a red-light district in Kenya, and became a learner of new cultures, Kristy cultivated a heart for the nations and a passion for seeing that same heart cultivated in others.

Kristy recently authored A Place Called Braverly, a book that takes readers on a journey as it uncovers truths about the One who created each of His children to choose bravery in their everyday lives, dream bravely for His Kingdom, and spark bravery in the lives of others.

Braverly is a cafe and sewing center ministry under Outpour Family Foundation in Thailand; a space designed for empowering women to learn what it means to live and dream bravely, and influence bravery in those around them.

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