Ryan Flemming and Theo Williams  met at Bethel College in the mid 1990’s. Their relationship began in a rather adversarial way fueled by preconceived notions, stereo types and limited personal interactions. In an attempt to address some of their racialized tensions they both became active participants in Bethel’s House of Higher Learning, a campus discipleship house dedicated to the pursuit of racial reconciliation. This experience ultimately led them into a deep and meaningful friendship that has lasted over 22 years. During this time Ryan and Theo have had the opportunity to minister together in various capacities throughout the United States, Jamaica and most recently South Africa. In the fall of 2016 they started The Dialogue for Change in order to create a platform to share about their unique personal journey toward racial reconciliation. They also seek to provide a Biblical foundation for helping others better understand the importance of racial reconciliation. Dr. Theo Williams is Professor of Communication at Bethel and Pastor Ryan Flemming is Lead Pastor of The Revolution Church in Gary Indiana.

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